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Connect your business from
anywhere with a cloud
business phone system
Intuitive and flexible, work
from any location, on any
Wallboard your call statistics
and in-depth reporting
Prepare for the future

Introducing Absolute Voice Everywhere with Cisco Webex

Our feature-rich cloud-based phone system gives you all the usual features of a traditional phone system, plus much more. As your calls are carried over the internet, you also get the added benefits of cloud technology – including greater flexibility, unparalleled call quality, custom integrations, flexible scalability, call statistics and lower costs.

As a digital phone service, Absolute Voice Everywhere is fully future-proof and comes with everything you need to keep business moving forward and the support of a dedicated team of cloud phone experts.


What is a cloud-based phone system?

Commonly referred to as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud-based phone systems are flexible, cost-effective alternatives to traditional telephone systems that operate over the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

Take the office with you

As Absolute Voice Everywhere uses the cloud, your phone system isn’t tied to a physical location. You can access your line from anywhere with an internet connection. And you can make and take calls in a variety of different ways, including desk phones, computers, headsets and mobile apps. That means you never have to miss a call again. As a digital phone service, Absolute Voice Everywhere is fully future-proof.

What's in the package?

Per month / per user includes:

Desktop and mobile app by Cisco Webex

2,000 pooled minutes per user included

Auto attendant

Voicemail to email

Future-proofed for 2025 BT analogue shutdown

Team member free / busy status

Distribute calls to groups of people (Hunt Groups)

In and out of hours customisable rules

Choice of handsets

Share company wide contacts

Keep your number

On-hold marketing message

Call forwarding

UK landline number

Internal extension number

UK hosted and supported by us

Still have a question?

Optional extras

Call reporting, analytics and dashboard

Find out who’s calling and when, so you can better understand what’s happening in your business.

Call recording

Record some or all of your calls and access them whenever you want (requires an announcement at start of call to inform the caller about being recorded).

Absolute Voice Everywhere teams direct connect

If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, we can add your Absolute Voice Everywhere service right into it.

Your number, your choice

Many existing phone numbers can be brought over to Absolute Voice Everywhere so you won’t have to inform your customers, change business cards or update web pages. You can even have a number with a different geographic location to your office, so it looks like you’re calling from somewhere local to your customers.


Get started in three easy steps

Choose your phone

Get or transfer a number

Leave the rest to us

Add new value to your business

Unlike some traditional phone systems, Absolute Voice Everywhere doesn’t need any expensive on site hardware. You just need to have compatible desk phones or just run it on your computer with a headset. As well as low set-up costs, it comes with free software updates, which we’ll take care of.

Prepare for the

For decades, phone calls in the UK have been carried over a network of copper lines called the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This is set to be replaced with a digital system, and the old network will be shut down in 2027. As a digital phone service, Absolute Voice Everywhere is fully future-proof.


We only partner with the best

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